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tv advertising

It’s easier than ever for your brand to appear on the box. From choosing the best creative folk for your campaign through to measuring and analysing tangible results we project manage the whole process.

and data solutions for the next generation of video


We partner with TV platform providers, consumer data providers and studio agencies to help you target video ads delivered to consumers at any time, on any device.


Our solutions are made to work across traditional and next gen TV delivery platforms, bringing digital advertising capabilities to any premium video service.


We designed our advertising-reporting-package  to leverage targeted audience video adverting on social platforms, online TV and TV VOD enabling precise segmentation for brand awareness, lead/sales generation via addressable advertising.

Pick the right audience and the right channel for your business

smarter tv advertising with sky adsmart

This innovative advertising approach provides literally thousands of ways to reach your ideal customer. Focus on showing your ad to people based on anything from Postcode Area and Affluence to Fashion and Lifestyle (even whether or not they have a cat).

Whether the KPIs that matter most are based on leads, new customers or sales, Sky AdSmart enables you to produce quick, flexible reports for effective business decisions.
As a trusted Sky partner we have the power to connect you with audiences watching the nation’s favourite channels including Sky 1, Sky Sports*, MTV and National Geographic.

ad explore & adshow with itv hub

Create the opportunity for your ideal customers to engage with your brand with ITV Hub’s exciting interactive platform.


Extra content/videos
Featured/similar products (e.g. “get the look”)
Special offers
Social network pages/share functionality


Through targeted preroll creatives you can engage with ITV viewers on a deeper level.Work with us to effectively integrate this exciting approach to advertising into your marketing mix.

All 4

Channel 4 launched 'Ad 4 You' interactive 'Online and Television Video on Demand' (TV VOD) platform, enabling advertisers to incorporate Channel 4’s 15 million strong registered viewer database, to allow targeted advertising down to individual names of 'All 4' viewers into their adverts.

'All 4' recently conducted an investigation into how people watch VOD. They concluded 3 main headlines:

  • Advertising on Broadcaster TV VOD has 3.5X greater attention levels than advertising on YouTube
  • People are more receptive to advertising on broadcaster TV VOD because they view it in the same relaxed state that they view the content
  • Viewers themselves perceive ALL 4 as a quality TV VOD platform and accept the ads as
    part of the experience

virgin media

Virgin Media can connect advertisers to
affluent, influential, engaged audiences across 'Television Video on Demand'
(TV VOD), Online Display and London Underground WiFi.

TV VOD: Drive sales and awareness with targeted pre-roll activity to 4million
TV VOD homes across the UK. Reach your target market with a diverse range of
content that appeals to an engaged, affluent audience interested in popular
factual, entertainment and kids’ programmes from a wide range of providers.

Online Display:  A superb selection of advertising and sponsorship opportunities throughout thesite. Advertising formats include standard formats (billboard, leaderboard, MPU and DMPU) across desktop and mobile, as well as HPTO's across our customer homepage. Engage with 6Million monthly Virgin Media customers as they browse the site for the latest TV content, entertainment and sport articles, or even when they’re just checking their emails.

London Underground WiFi: We supply free to use WiFi to 250+ underground stations across the TFL underground network. We have 3M registered users connecting from Virgin Mobile, EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three on a regular basis. You can engage with this busy, engaged, affluent and young audience through digital tenancy placements across the network that appear when a user connects to the WiFi network.

Engaged, affluent and young audience through digital tenancy placements across the network that appear when a user connects to the WiFi network.

Targeting Families? Virgin Media has the largest selection of Kids TV VOD in the UK

BT , BT Tv and BT Sport is now home to a huge range of
bespoke and branded content – including the latest news, entertainment,
technology and lifestyle and much more to it's 1.7 million household


It's time to engage and inspire on every device - Make the most of your social media with effective, achievable strategies.
No matter the size or shape of your business our team uses the latest innovations to carefully manage paid media campaigns, always keeping your KPIs at the forefront of every decision. Work with us to equip your in house team with the consumer insight needed to keep your brand relevant; the data needed to plan effectively and the technical support to execute winning campaigns.


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