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Through the cost effective Sky AdSmart service you too can to create an effective and engaging TV advertising campaign that simply gets results! 

Here’s a great example of how Sky AdSmart campaigns can provide businesses with that all important ROI. Hendy dealerships smashed their targets the help of a Sky AdSmart campaign focused on gaining business in their local area.

Without travelling far, Hendy has come a long way from the small bicycle repair shop opened in Whitchurch in 1859.Today, the Hendy Group has in excess of twenty premises stretching across southern England from Devon to West Sussex, housing over 550 staff and handling over £200m worth of business.

Hendy holds Ford, Mazda, Kia and Honda franchises, plus Ford and Iveco van and truck franchises. The company handles all aspects including sales, servicing, parts, hire, accident repairs and Rapid Fit centres. Hendy had used TV previously but found it hadn’t work for them and had reverted to more traditional advertising routes.

Hendy Group Case Study


Having used traditional TV advertising in the past, Hendy Ford found that the cost of using the mass market medium was not right for them and chose a more targeted/regional approach to advertising – SEO, PPC, Press and Radio.


  • Increase awareness of Hendy Ford dealerships in a specific area
  • Increase sales of the ‘Fiesta Flame’ in the Hampshire area


The Hendy dealership is based in Hampshire and with the clear aim of increasing awareness in this area location based attributes were chosen meaning their ad was shown to viewers in the Portsmouth-Southampton metropolitan area. Captivating creatives communicated the new ‘Ford Fiesta Flame’ exclusively to these Sky customers.The campaign ran across August and September 2013 and delivered 270,198 impressions in the Portsmouth/Southampton area.


The Sky AdSmart campaign successfully drove sales of the ‘Fiesta Flame’ at the Hendy Ford dealership in Hampshire. Total UK Fiesta sales were up 23.6% in September 2013 while Hendy Ford’s Fiesta sales during the same period were up 50.6%, more than double the national performance. Following the success of the campaign, Hendy Group has repeatedly booked campaigns with Sky AdSmart in other regions of the UK.

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