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Do you have a UX Designer in your team but too embarrassed to ask what they actually do? User experience or UX is actually a pretty new concept for businesses, it simply means allowing users to get what they came for in the easiest and most pleasurable way. The way a user interacts with your site or product is integral to whether they decide to buy.

60% of users who don’t buy cite dissatisfaction with the amount of information or a slow site*

We know how powerful UX can be and so it always plays a part in our development strategies, find how we helped leading pet insurer Healthy Pets to grow their business by improving their site's customer experience in the following case study.

Healthy PetsHealthy Pets is one of the leaders in online insurance, the company was founded in 1996 by Mark Effenberg, who remains at the helm today as Chief Executive.As a self proclaimed proud ‘pet parent’ Effenberg established Healthy Pets for the simple reason that he could not find an insurer at the time who truly understood the bond between a pet and its owner.What really makes this independent and specialist insurer great is their first hand knowledge of what pets and owners need - And with one of the highest renewal rates in the pet insurance industry their customers obviously agree!

THE CHALLENGEHealthy Pets had a growing reputation as one of the UK’s leading pet insurers but customers couldn’t get all the information they needed straight from the website. Although the site was reaching the right people, a convoluted system of looking online for a basic price, and calling direct to get a more detailed quote, meant that HP were losing customers through the quoting and buying process. They needed a way to streamline the user experience and provide pet owners with a succinct way to look and buy across any device.

OUR SOLUTIONWe built a new system that allowed customers to receive a live, accurate quote that included all the information they needed to make their purchase. This was integrated into a brand new website and allowed people to search for a quote based on their pet type, breed, age of pet, ailments, location, base prices, tax, minimum prices and different product types.

THE RESULTS100% accuracy across all devices - Pet owners can now insure their pet anywhere at any time, whether they are travelling on the tube or relaxing at home.This flexible system has survived the test of time and 4 different underwriters


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