Is it possible to spend less and still increase sales?


It might seem like the only way to make more money is to invest more money, but is it really possible to spend less and maintain or even increase your sales figures? With a few adjustments to your marketing plan you can make your budget work harder. Read on to find out how we helped our client Tripp Luggage to boost their sales.

"With an overall ROAS of 3754% we were pretty happy with the results!"


So it is 2016 and we have been working with Tripp for over 9 years now and always against our own figures. This year was another challenge against a tightening marketing spend but with another expected increase in sales. After heavily investing in a new dynamically UI serving website, they needed to hit higher sales targets to maximise their return on investment.


So what do we do? We have a well integrated campaign that has moved consistently over the years and given them 16 fold increases from our introduction to the firm.A change of tack was called for and we looked at the whole package and what could be brought to bear on this campaign and the customer experience.After our review we identified the following areas for development;

  • Simplified customer journey - part of the process was providing a simplified customer journey, the dynamically serving website worked in our favour over this period. Losing a lot of the clutter and making it extremely device friendly.
  • Our messaging changes across the whole of the campaign, the encourage a stronger conversion rate and a belief that the online system was just as efficient as shopping in store.
  • Messaging across Search - we ensured that the tagging and the whole message across search was as the number one in their vertical.
  • Massive brand awareness campaign - often undervalued as the attribution of a sale is given to the last interaction, brand is what sets you aside from just a strong trader. For the summer campaign this was increased across the board.
  • Even closer alignment with the Debenhams activity was also a key in the success of the overall campaign, ensuring that no message took a step wrong.


The overall integration audit was the catalyst for the shake up of the campaign and boy did it work, with the marketing assets all aligned and now a site that could cope with the diversity of devices and screens, it really made the difference.The sales performance was outstanding with YOY increases of 244% and a 98% uplift on our ambitious target. Proving the case for the brand campaign was the increase in conversion rate by 148%

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