Marketers are being left behind


Technology is an evolving beast, always changing and moving into new unimaginable realms. If you had have told your childhood self that you would be able to watch the latest music videos at the click of a button, on a telephone/computer that fits into the palm of your hand… on a plane… 24 hours a day… you would never have saved up for that mini disc player!

Technology has fundamentally changed the way people interact with brands and businesses. Thanks to augmented reality, for example, we can now visualise IKEA furniture in our homes and interact with Coca-Cola vending machines.

It’s not about keeping your skills up to date anymore; marketing departments now have to plan campaigns that are ahead of the trend.

Research from the Online Marketing Institute found that 93pc of agency executives acknowledged major digital marketing knowledge gaps within their workforce.

How can businesses keep up?

1. Upskill your workforce, Lifelong learning is a real thing

Empower your workforce by encouraging them question and develop their skill set. With new skill comes increased motivation and a willingness to innovate. Sites like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning and Hyper Island offer great elearning courses if you don’t have the resources to enrol staff in formal education.

2. Work with the freshest minds in the industry, Get an intern, work with graduates

Instead of spending hours reading blog posts by 50 year olds trying to work out how 25 year olds think, why not speak to one? It’s no fault of your current workforce that they don’t have the skills to deal with the latest technologies. They were not taught the entry-level skills of the digital world because they simply did not exist back then.

3. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

Be open with your team, invite them to identify and analyse where the gaps are in the company’s knowledge. ​From experience, an agency being part of a community is paramount; some larger agencies have skill sets internally but small to medium organisations should reach out out to micro creative or software specialists for collaboration. 

This not only leads to a better outcome for the client, but also allows that agency to be truly aware of bleeding edge technology or behavioural patterns, keeping your services dynamic. You may even get the heads up on something really exciting such as utilising VR or AR. Don't be T shaped.



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